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Toro STX26 Stump Grinder

Toro STX26 Stump Grinder


The revolutionary STX26 Stump Grinder takes ease of use to new levels for stump grinding. Employing the patented Toro TX control system and a dedicated set of tracks, the STX26 makes operation, maneuverability and side hill stability as simple as pushing a shopping cart. Plus the STX26 is fully hydraulic, meaning no belts to maintain and replace! It also features easy to replace, 3-position Green Teeth

• Kawasaki FX-730-V 26 hp engine
• 13.5 gpm hydraulic flow to head
• Wheel 19" diameter to tooth
• Wheel thickness .75"
• 12 teeth
• Cutting depth 12.5"
• Cutting height 33"
• Head swing arc 47 degrees
• Green Teeth cutting teeth
• Weighs 1200 lbs

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