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These Shark models are tough gasoline-powered direct-drive cold water machines that deliver cleaning power of up to 3500 PSI. Built on compact sturdy steel frames, each unit features a dependable industrial-grade Honda engine, Kärcher crankcase pump, hose/gun rack, detergent injection, and tubed pneumatic tires

Subaru 3" Trash Pump, 314 gallons/minute

2" electric dewatering pump. Powerful pumps built with durable materials in an easy handling design. Top discharge provides maximum motor cooling efficiency allowing continuous duty operation at low water levels and extended dry run capability

European style electric pressure washer. This cold water machine offers ergonomic design and total trigger shutoff. It also has highly innovative German engineering such as a an ergonomic trigger gun with complete shutoff at the trigger, and a triple changeover nozzle for easily altering the spray pattern and a patented direct drive pump rated at 1.8 GPM @ 1300 PSI The electric motor has 2.2hp Electric 120V and 15amp for strong long lasting power

Gas powered heavy duty compact cold water pressure washer. This machine is a tough direct drive unit that delivers super cleaning power. This washer has a hose gun rack detergent injection and tubed pneumatic tires. Built on a compact sturdy steel frame it features a dependable industrial grade Karcher crankcase pump rated at 2.5 GPM @ 2700 PSI with a 6.5hp Honda Engine GX for easy starts and long life

Gas powered cold water belt drive pressure washer. This machine is rugged and built to last long and work hard. It has a Powder coated steel chassis, tubed pneumatic tires, a cast iron belt and pulley system and a industrial belt drive crankcase pump rated at 3.0GPM @ 4000 PSI and a reliable Honda GX Engine for easy starts and long life

Trash Pump 2 inch ports, 187 gallons per minute