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These Shark models are tough gasoline-powered direct-drive cold water machines that deliver cleaning power of up to 3500 PSI. Built on compact sturdy steel frames, each unit features a dependable industrial-grade Honda engine, Kärcher crankcase pump, hose/gun rack, detergent injection, and tubed pneumatic tires

 Our floor machines are field tested for heavy duty stripping, scrubbing and polishing hard surface flooring. The simple and rugged design makes them easily accessible with low cost and maintenance requirements. They are built for large areas, yet ideal for use in small and confined areas.

Maxim has taken the ease of our Hydrostatic Drive Rear Tine Tiller and added an accessory that will revolutionize invisible dog fencing, landscape lighting, and phone cabling tasks. Cut a 6" deep and 3/4" wide trench and lay the wire in one easy step

  • Extra-long reach — 2" longer with no added weight
  • Jam-Free design — staples clear without jamming
  • Integral pusher spring — no loose parts
  • Broad contact area protects against damage to stapled material
  • Offset handle for knuckle clearance with comfort grip
  • Increased staple capacity — holds two full sticks of staples (168)
  • Steel cap for extra durability

Fastener Range 1/2 - 1 1/2

Fastener Guage 18 GA

Fastener Type sx5035 Series Staples

With a 25 hp Kubota diesel for power and featuring an 8.5 ft ALLMAND ESL backhoe, the TLB 425 has the power and flexibility to handle those "big" jobs.

The industries best solution to blind nailing close to the wall.   Save both, time and money!"

Pressure activated...simply press down, and let the tool do the work.

The Power Palm will allow blind nailing closer to the wall and reduce the amount of face nailing.

"Using the Power Palm with Powernail 16 or 18 gage L Cleats you will maintain the integrity of your installation, by using the same fastener from start to finish"

"Blind nail, top nail...tight spots and corners, the Power palm gets them all!"

Featuring 360 degree swivel tip


 is a pneumatic Powernailer® designed for 18 gage cleats.

The 50P is recommended for use on 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Tongue and Groove flooring. The Model 50P with 18 gage Powercleats is your best choice for installing some of the harder, 3/4" exotics such as bamboo and other solid or engineered wood flooring.

The model 50P uses a thinner 18 gage cleat that is less likely to split the tongue on thinner woods.  It is also recommended for flooring that is a very hard species like hickory. Many of the hard exotics available today require a thinner cleat to penetrate without splitting the tongue.

The standard configuration is (L/S), Long Handle with Short Channel, which holds 100 Powercleats®.  Long handle configuration provides 18" height from floor to handle grip.

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Surface Nailer is recommended for use on 1/2", 5/8",3/4" and 33/32" Tongue and Groove flooring.

The pneumatic 445SN allows the user to nail flooring up to 1" from the wall.

Nailer package includes a choice of Black or White 3mi Mallet, Lube oil, 2 box wrenches, 2 Allen wrenches and an extra driving blade.

Requires a 70 to 110 psi air compressor.

The 14” STIHL TS 700 cut-off machine is the powerhouse of the STIHL line. Designed for superior handling during the toughest jobs, this machine features a powerful, high-speed engine, large fuel capacity, five-point dual element vibration control system built right into the handle, and a semi-automatic belt tensioner with an innovative ribbed belt. Its X2 filtration system is low maintenance and cleans airflow with nearly 100 percent efficiency, reducing downtime for filter maintenance. Each component on this machine was meticulously engineered with demanding professionals in mind










98.5 cc (6.0 cu. in.)        

The TS 420 is so popular, it could possibly be called “the standard” to which other cut-off machines are compared. Users like it because it is compact, lightweight, reliable and proves itself day in and day out, all day long. The TS 420 features all the high-performance features of the TS 410 – including an X2 air filtration system for a clean and smooth-running engine and virtually maintenance-free filters. With the added benefit of a 14” cutting wheel, it will handle cuts up to 4.9 inches in depth. This cut-off machine backs up its larger cutting capacity with a ton of usability features.

The Model 45 is a manual, single-blow nailer which use 16 gage cleats to install Tongue & Groove flooring.

The Model 45 is recommended for use on board sizes of 5/8", 3/4" and 33/32" Tongue and Groove flooring.

Nailer package includes a choice of a Black or White 5mi Mallet, an extra driving blade, plunger spring, feeder spring, blade retainer and 8/25 adapter plate for installing 3/4" & 22mm Tongue and Groove Flooring.

Options: Adapter plate 826-12 for 1/2" Tongue and Groove flooring, or adapter plate 826-58 for 5/8" Tongue and Groove flooring.

The Model 445is a pneumatic Powernailer® which uses 16 gage cleats for the installation of Tongue & Groove hardwood flooring.

The Model 445 is recommended for use on 5/8", 3/4" and 33/32" flooring.

Diesel engine is liquid-cooled, Interim Tier 4, 49 HP. Operating capacity 1,750 lbs.

Voltage  120/240V

Max. Output - 6000 watts

Max. Amps - 50 amps

Rated Output - 5000watts

Rated Amps - 41.7 amps

Voltage 120/240v

Max Output 4,300W

Max Amps 35.8 amps

Rated output 3,800W

Rated Amps 31.7 amps


  • Removable water tank with heavy duty hose and valve
  • Foldable handle
  • Superior shock absorbing isolators
  • Heavy duty hardened steel plate
  • Extremely light weight
  • Dual belt drive
  • Removable water tank with heavy duty hose and valve
  • Heavy duty hardened steel plate
  • Superior shock absorbing isolators
  • Engine Protection System
    • Protective engine covering
    • Two-stage double air filter system
    • Automatic oil level control
  • Dual fuel filter system
  • Vibration insulated steering bow
  • Self-cleaning air filter housing
  • Protective covering
  • Single point lifting device
  • Recoil starter
  • Carrying handles
  • Plastic castor as loading aid
  • Infinitely variable frequency
  • Engine shut-down switch integrated in steering handle
  • Best in class impact energy - 47.0 ft lbs-Provides maximum concrete removal for maximum productivity
  • Best in class anti-vibration system-Active vibration control in the hammer mechanism for improved comfort in all day demolition applications
  • Anti Slip Rubber Cover-Helps prevent tool from accidental fall over
  • Ergonomic Handle Design-Ergonomic design for improved comfort when handling the tool in all day applications
  • Shock Absorbing Handles-Further reduces vibration levels to the operator
  • Hammer Tube Design-Hammer Tube Flutes help dissipate heat, extending tool life
  • Reinforced Hammer Tube Collar / Springs-Maximizes tool holder lifetime by reducing the hammer's impact from blank beats
  • The New Brute is the hardest hitting hammer in its class
  • Active Vibration Control™ -  Vibration reduction in the hammer mechanism and the grip area provides maximum user comfort for extended periods of work; 50% LESS vibration than the 11304
  • Ergonomic Handles - New ergonomic shock absorbing handles provide additional user comfort in all day applications
  • Non-Slip Housing Cover - Rubberized housing cover helps prevent tool from accidental fall over when the tool is not in use
  • Total portability - Operates on 115/120V AC/DC, 15 amp outlet or 2500 watt portable generator
  • ServiceMinder™ brush system - Shuts the Brute™ off when brush replacement
  • Consists of #12-963 magnesium blade, #12-372 wormgear, and  (1) #12-265 6' handles

The STIHL HS 81 T hedge trimmer was made to trim first and ask questions later. Its blade speed is specially designed for trimming applications and can trim through rows and rows of hedges with the same level of performance. The hedge trimmer is available in both 24” and 30” blade length varieties, each one providing the same anti-vibration technology, swiveling comfort handle and blade tip protector.

Precise, powerful and environmentally conscious, the STIHL FS 90 R trimmer is the well-rounded choice for landscaping professionals. It sports a 5% increase in engine power over the FS 70 RC-E. Featuring our proven low exhaust emission engine and a loop handle, this straight-shaft trimmer delivers the maneuverability needed to navigate obstacles and the power to cut them down. Its solid, straight driveshaft works with a variety of optional cutting attachments, including our steel grass and brush blades, giving you greater flexibility

The MS 290 FARM BOSS® is a very familiar tool around most farms. And a big reason for that popularity is how it has been engineered with well-thought-out features. It features an optimal power-to-weight ratio, so you’ll be ready for any job. The MS 290 also features an anti-vibration system for enhanced user comfort for those long work days on the farm. Like your favorite truck, the FARM BOSS® is an irreplaceable partner.